Pestle & Mortar Webbie Up!

Hey guys, pestle & mortars website is finally up and running. We will not be using this blog anymore, all information can be found on


In preparation for Urbanscapes

For the past 2 days, the Pestle & Mortar team was hard at work till the wee hours of the morning preparing for Klue Urbanscapes which took place yesterday. T-shirt’s had to be packed, counted and labeled, but what took up most of our time was cutting our custom polaroids.

50 custom polaroids were given out in conjunction with Klue Urbanscapes. Hope you guys liked them.

Our new packaging.

T’s packed ready to be transported. No, we don’t sell pizzas.

Big thanks to the guys who came to help out. They never did ask for anything in return…or did they?

Custom Poloroids

Custom Hangers!

We even got custom clothing racks made!

Fully loaded and ready to rock and roll.

Klue Urbanscapes 2010

If you’re anything like us, you probably haven’t finalized your weekend plans. Chances are that by the time you have decided, you would have 5 minutes give or take to jump off your ass and prepare. Zone into the present with 3 days left to Urbanscapes, and even we are rushing to get our new line together.

So what do you after you have Urbanscapes pinned and circled on your calendar? Head down to the Pestle & Mortar booth and hang with us. With a day of fun filled music, food and art, what do you have to lose….Saavy?

Find out more about Urbanscapes 2010 :

Details :

Date : 26th June 2010 (Saturday)

Time : 12 am till midnight

Location : Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC)

2010 Debut Collection

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! We proudly bring to you Pestle & Mortar’s 2010 Debut Collection!

This series entitled “Kuala Lumpur through OUR eyes” sculpts landscapes of the most mundane things in your lives as well as ours bringing to you a whole new perspective, or at least a familiar one, of our culture and our beloved city!

These designs contain in their essence our everyday life and culture as Malaysians, presenting to you the good, the bad and the ugly, of our own city. Things that may sometimes not be the most popular or likened but at the end of the day remains a distinct fingerprint of our culture.

This is an on-going collection so be sure to stay with us to find out what we’ve got in-store (No pun intended) for you in the future!

We welcome and wholly appreciate all feedback on our designs, whether good, bad or ugly!

Ah Long

An “Ah Long” is the Chinese nickname given for a loan-shark. It’s common here in Malaysia to see stickers and flyers plastered over public phones, bus-stops, and even on the shutters of businesses and shops advertising no-questions-asked loans of any exorbitant amount to anyone. Business must be slow for loan sharks these days to actually be outright advertising.


The call-man roams our streets and highways of Malaysia in loud and modified cars prowling and awaiting the next traffic accident to work on. The call-man makes a living being the go-to guy for anyone involved in an accident, working out everything from the tow, right up to the day your car comes out of the workshop, for a small fee of course. You’ll often see 4 to 5 battling it out verbally for a customer.


Flats are low-cost housing very common in Asian countries that have minimal space and are usually dense and very compact. This leads to a lot of clutter and are usually very ill maintained in most aspects. The PEOPLE who dwell in such conditions are very neighbourly due to the extreme closeness of proximity in which they live in together.

Lorong Haji Tai?

If you’re Malaysian, or have travelled the back alleys of downtown Kuala Lumpur, you’ll know that Lorong Haji Taib is as upside down as this design. Famous for transsexuals and transvestites peddling their bodies on street corners for some spare change, it is definitely a nitty-gritty part of our city that not many want to be familiar with but is something that exist and is very real.

Telor Mata

The Telor Mata represents what we call our “mamak” culture. Mamak is a slang word used for Indian Muslims, whom commonly run restaurants and small shack like eateries on almost every corner and side street possible. The Telor Mata is one of the most common things you’ll find to complete any recipe or dish in a mamak stall. It really is just an egg, sunny side up. Simple yet iconic!

Pestle & Mortar at House This!?

On the 22nd of MAY, Pestle & Mortar was proud. We were for the very first time taken out for a spin in public, what more, one of the most packed clubs in all of KL city, Zouk!

It was most definitely a special night with some of the best beats of disco, house and electro pumping into BarSonic, with HypeEmBeats (formerly DJ Kidd) droppin tracks while sporting one of OUR designs!

We could barely contain our excitement as we plunged into the scene wondering what this tight community of fashionista’s  had to say about us.

HypeEmBeats rockin’ our “Call-Man” T!

Hypeembeats is one of the most revered members of turntablism. His successful 10 Year DJ career has seen him play in some of the most prestigious clubs, consistently wowing crowds with his technical brilliance, distinctly unique mixing style and eclectic energy behind the decks.

His sets are always fresh, original and well thought out, combining upfront hip hop and electronic tracks, white labels, club classics and acapellas. He plays electronic, dutch house, dubstep, electro punk to bassline tinged uplifting beats and twisted dirty disco.  HypeEmBeats stays true to the monicker he carries, never failing to pull in a crowd, leaving a trail of Hype wherever he walks.

It’s an absolute honor to be able to welcome him to the family!

Rockin’ our very own “Lorong Haji Tai?” and “Telor Mata” with Pride!

Pestle & Mortar Stickers

Just received our stickers, with each t-shirt bought complimentary stickers will be given! Stick it on your deck, your bike, your car on anything you want ! In our case …..

Pestle & Mortar Moving

Hey all, Pestle & Mortar will be moving to a new webspace in the next few weeks, stay tuned. Till then a teaser for what is about to be heading your way!